BWOF 01/2008 116 -Wrap top BWOF 01/2008 116 -Wrap top. Tie-bands wrap twice around the waist. This pattern calls for two-way stretch jersey knits only.

BWOF 01/2008 116 -Wrap topI used a cut of .99 onionskin that I purchased from Fabric Mart a few seasons ago. It was meant to be a muslin throw away fabric but it is charming. It is perfect for this pattern.

While tracing, I lengthened the tie band extension pattern piece 7” and experimented with multi-sizing. This top is 40 in the neck and shoulders, tapering to 44 at the bust and sides. No FBA!

I lined up the extension with the bodice piece to see if I would be able to cut in one piece. Thank goodness it was possible because I really wanted to avoid a piecing seam. The bodice plus extension took up the entire width of my cutting table.

I followed Sandra Betzina’s advice in Power Sewing and stabilized the neckline edge with 1/4” wide cut selvage, then turned down and top-stitched with a double stretch needle.

I turned a corner with the double needle for the first time and was quite proud of myself! It looked terrible on the inside, of course, so I picked it out and tried again. I love trying new things.

BWOF 01/2008 116 -Wrap top

Then this top hung out on Cassidy for a week or so while I debated turning it into a sleeveless top. My “SWAP that isn’t a SWAP but actually a wardrobe now” is comprised of short sleeve and sleeveless tops so why not this one as well? Long sleeves seemed out of place in this grouping. Darn. I had already cut the sleeves so the sleeves would be wasted. But then, I wasn’t sure if I would ruin my cute top.

In the end, I tired of debating myself and decided the high armsyce was going to work fine and to just do it already. I stabilized the armsyce using selvage strips, turned down and top-stitched and it looked fine. I sure can over-analyse with the best of ’em!

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  1. Thank you for the nice compliments! 🙂 I plan to make a few more sleeveless versions to wear this summer. This is a great pattern!

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