I’ve been working on my entry for the RTW & Designer Knock-off Contest 2009 hosted by PR.

I have been working through a few patterns to pull together the features I need to create my patio dress.

Here are the patterns I’ve been working with:

Simplicity 3918
Simplicity 3918 Simplicity 3918

Simplicity 3918 I made view C but left off the lace and kept the shoulder ties. I wanted to see how the point at the front bodice would come together and I wanted to see how the shoulders were constructed. I’m definitely incorporating the circled portion of the front bodice into my patio dress. Simplicity 3918 is unfortunately OOP.

Simplicity 3503
Simplicity 3503 Simplicity 3503

I am presently working on view E to get that upper front bodice worked out with an FBA. I also plan to remove some fullness from the front skirt where it attaches to the bodice but want to make it once as drafted. I am using a knit but don’t want to gather out any of the focal design on my final dress. Simplicity 3503 is crazy popular on PR! I am sure it will become a top pattern this year.

BWOF 04/2005 #125 and #126
BWOF 04-2005-125 BWOF 04-2005-126

I have this bodice traced and altered and I L*O*V*E this style. The bodice is shared by these two dresses so I thought to give you a good look by including both dresses here. I am thinking of making #125 for the holidays but I kinda like it without the lace overlay as they did in #126. I wouldn’t care for a full length tulle skirt.

For now, I have a bodice muslin all worked out and intend to use the back for my patio dress.

It is nice having some new garments in my wardrobe! I’ll review them individually as I complete them and work through this entire process.

The hardest part of pulling out old patterns is running across styles I wanted to make back then but didn’t tackle. I’m so glad I saved my old BWOF when I moved!!
There are several pieces in the BWOF that I went ahead and traced for later… like this cute outfit, the twist top and cute skirt #115. Someday!
BWOF 04-2005-113

  1. HELLO! I found your blog while trying to figure out how to sew on ponte roma fabric! I love your design work – your blog is inspirational! I wonder if you can direct me to some kind of basic tutorial on knits – I've been sewing for years, but never tackled this arena! I look forward to following you!