Kona Bay fabric It blows my mind that this dress is made from quilting cotton!
If you are interested, you can click the image to view a slideshow of outfits since the inauguration.

Such a pretty dress. I’m thinking I could self draft this design myself, at least the bodice and then frankenpattern the skirt. I really like the style.

I am intrigued by the fabric as well. It sure is interesting how the designer placed elements for effect. You have to look hard to see the cranes. In a way, the dress looks almost ombred.

Kona Bay fabric

  1. Hey Leora, did you know that Kona Bay Fabrics linked to you on Twitter about this post? I don't know what this will look like pasted in your browser, but here is the Tweet.
    "Bloggers sure love to show the Kona Bay fabric that Michelle Obama wore at the Inauguration:):) http://twurl.nl/exytt1"
    The URL is a Twitter talk link to this post!

  2. connieB, thanks for letting me you know saw that tweet. How fun! Love their fabric so it is pretty exciting to get a mention.

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