Vogue 8151 view A Vogue 8151 View B -Pullover tops with set in sleeves and call for Lightweight Wool Jersey, Cotton Knits and Interlock. I chose panne velvet.

This is the pattern that makes me happy, then mad, then happy, then mad. I am going to figure it out once and for all this year because it is a good fit but just needs more tweaking!

I’ve made 5 versions of it that I can think of but never posted any pictures for some reason. Tonight I ran across this old photo from 2005 and thought it would be a good starting point to explain my trials with this particular pattern.

Well, there it is in all its size D glory. It wasn’t successful exactly. It was super scratchy around the neckline because I applied stay tape incorrectly and tried to fix it but never did get rid of all the little pokies. Ouch!

The review I posted on Pattern Review, 8151 Top, didn’t have a picture because my DS took this one picture for me and then I promptly lost it.
I’ve worn this top (maybe) twice. Presently it is in the “repurpose” pile because I do like the fabric and think it will make a nice tank.

Later versions of V8151 were different. Entirely different! More to come…


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