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My Slippery Slope

January 4, 2008
Well, today I realized that I need to do something and quick. Looking down at myself (hence my faded yoga pant selection this morning) I can accurately state that these sad, too short, drawstringless Burdas need to be replaced pronto.

What a terrible revelation! The general state of my personal style is sloppy at best. I’m a wreck. Laura Bennett’s slippery slope statement accurately describes *me* …right …now.

I’ve slipped.

But, I can get up! All I need is my Tim Gunn wardrobe basics list and some courage.

In the spirit of the ’08 RTW / Designer Knock Off Challenge I am off to snoop shop and see what I can do to turn this situation around.

I’ll approach this as if I am shopping. Where is that list? 🙂

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  • Tamara says:

    I can agree with you about the slippery slope as I am writing this in my pj’s that I might not get out of today. Thanks for the link to the Designer Knock off contest. That one sounds like a lot of fun.

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